I forbid: Presidential vetoes and America Indian affairs, 1789-2000

1393 H.R. 5975 (Seventy-fifth Congress, First Session — F. Roosevelt)

To provide for per diem payments in lieu of compensation and expenses for member of the Klamath business committees and official Klamath delegates to Washington

Pocket veto occurred after the 1st session of the 75th Congress had adjourned sine die on August 21, 1937. The bill was presented to the President on August 23, 1937 (81 Cong. Rec. 9676; see also 81 Cong. Rec. 9682).

Presidential Vetoes, 1789-1988. (1992). Washington, DC: Government Printing Office, 294.

Congressional Record 81, 9676 (1937).

Congressional Record 81, 9682 (1937).

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