I forbid: Presidential vetoes and America Indian affairs, 1789-2000

355 H.R. 7648 (Forty-ninth Congress, Second Session — Cleveland)

For the relief of the estate of John How, Indian agent, and his sureties.

Vetoed February 24, 1887. The veto message was laid before the House, referred to the Committee on Claims, and printed as H.R. Ex. Doc. No. 194 (18 Cong. Rec. 2281).

Veto unchallenged.

Presidential Vetoes, 1789-1988. (1992). Washington, DC: Government Printing Office, 92.

John How, Indian agent. Message from the President of the United States, returning House Bill No. 7648, with his objections thereto. (1887). House of Representatives. 49th Congress, 2nd session. House Executive Document No. 194 (Serial Set 2484). Washington, DC: Government Printing Office.

Congressional Record 18, 2281 (1887).

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